Nowadays, the use of Wedding Planner is increasingly widespread, since the pace of work and, sometimes, the distance to the venue makes it necessary to hire a specialized Event Organization service. However, there is still a lot of ignorance about the actual work of a Wedding Planner and all these questions make many couples are not entirely clear whether to hire this service or not. And of course, among all the questions that may arise, there is one that is usually the most repeated:
How much does a Wedding Planner cost?
From Bianca y Radiante WP & Events we want to try to explain what it is to have a Wedding Planner and leave it to your judgment if you want to have or not with the help of some professionals in the field.
To begin I will tell you that a Wedding Planner has a big difference with many of the professionals that come together on your big day, and that is that our work usually begins the same day you decide to count on our help. The Full Organization of a wedding requires a lot of time for negotiations, constant contact with the couple, emails to other providers, visits to many places … Without a doubt it is a price that entails many hours of work and that culminates, in addition, with our Presence on the day of the wedding. This depends of course on the service you want to hire, but I can guarantee that organizing a wedding involves a lot of effort and time, since we do not stop until we get what you are looking for. Likewise, those who hire us for the Wedding day coordination check how the negotiations begin before the wedding, coordinating with all the suppliers every detail, visiting the venues so that everything goes as you have planned. I can say without fear of being wrong that, of all the suppliers that you hire on the day of the wedding, a WP will be the cheapest in terms of hours / price.
A priori it may seem strange that I say to you but, very likely, the hiring of a WP can leave you “free” if you hire the services of Organization. And the vast majority of couples completely ignore the prices that “move” in a wedding until they organize theirs. In many of the occasions they go to friends to ask for recommendations of suppliers (caterings, photographers, video, decoration …) without having previously clear if they are expensive or cheap. In Bianca Y Radiante we work with suppliers of all styles, as long as we have verified that they respond as you deserve. We can guide you with “knowledge of cause” when hiring services and you would be surprised by the price differences that may exist. That is why we can advise you in many aspects and always looking for your benefit. By entering numbers, which is always what is left to the couple, knowing well the suppliers to choose for a wedding of 150 guests we can get you save much more than what you have invested in hiring a Wedding Planner. And there is nothing like having all the cards on the table to choose the one that suits you best.

One of the most widespread ideas about Wedding Planners is that we are there to “put ties on the chairs” and, honestly, it can be one of the tasks but reducing our performance to this is like thinking that the only thing a Cheff does is to put go out to your meals. In my particular case, I have a master’s degree in interior decoration, so decoration has always been something that has fascinated me. This is why when my clients ask me to advise them on decoration I always try to give them ideas that suit their taste and personality. I also consider that the decoration does not have to be overloaded or excessive. Each place must carry the necessary decorative elements in its proper measure, which is not incompatible with elegance and good taste. In Bianca y Radiante we have our own decorative material and with suppliers that can provide almost everything.
I know many of you will think “In the end I still do not know how much a WP costs”. In our particular case we do not have fixed prices since each event is different and we try to adapt to the needs of each couple. What I can guarantee you is that organizing the wedding with Bianca y Radiante you will get many benefits and we will try to consider us as one of the best investments of the wedding.
There are many couples who consider hiring the services of WP but they stay in simple intentions because, knowing no price, they choose not to ask.
For our part we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and, really, ask for our services without obligation through Contact.
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