If you have decided to read this post it is because, probably, you want to celebrate your wedding on the beaches of Cadiz, or at least you are thinking about it. It is normal, Cádiz is a magnificent province and very special for celebrations of all kinds but for weddings it is even more so.
“A wedding is a unique event that deserves the best of scenarios, a place with corners as diverse and as charming as Cadiz has, from Jerez’s lordship to the traditional charm of its white villages. Sotogrande or the best sunset you can see on the beaches of Tarifa, without forgetting the capital, the well-known “little silver cup” that keeps in its walls history and culture, sea and land, luxury and tradition “Beatriz Anelo
For that reason, from Bianca y Radiante, we want to help you and give you some clues about the organization because, the beginnings, with help, get along better.

  1. Choose the beach:

This is undoubtedly one of the most important points to consider as it will be the starting point and the main axis of the entire wedding.
Normally the couple usually choose beaches that they transmit and that have, in some way, a special meaning for them. However, it is very necessary to know the land well, since it is not the same to celebrate a wedding in a small cove than in a large beach. Tarifa, Zahara, el Palmar, Chiclana … many options and all fantastic, but yes, it is convenient to study them since each one has its own peculiarities.

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2.  Choose the date:

If you have already decided the venue, a very important aspect, as much or more than the previous one, is the date in which you want to make it. We advise you to flee from the months of July and August, unless you have chosen a place of celebration that has its small “private area” of beach. Otherwise, your most intimate and personal moment will be shared with vacationers and onlookers who, in all likelihood, are in the area, obstructing the ceremony or “taking shine” to the photos. Likewise, the weather varies according to the date, and although this is an unpredictable issue, we must take into account the area and its characteristics.
The best, from our experience: the months of May, June, September and October.

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3.  Place of celebration:

Another of the big decisions that you will have to make in the organization of your wedding will be the place of celebration. In this case you will have to debate between two possibilities: ceremony and celebration in the same place or ceremony on the beach and subsequent celebration in a nearby place. Both options are good although the last one, as you well know, would involve transferring your guests to the chosen site after the ceremony.
We recommend you for your comfort and that of your guests, because you have to think of all, celebrate the ceremony in the same place of celebration, or as close as possible to the place of celebration as we did in the wedding of Mamen and Óscar the last October in Zahara.

Photo: Juan Aroca

4.  Ceremony on the beach:

At this point it is only to arrange the ceremony on the beach. For this you must have professional help for the design and assembly of it. Regarding this, and depending on the site, you will be offered the possibility of hiring your own ceremony service on the beach but there will be many others that do not.
We always recommend hiring experienced professionals who can design the wedding you want. Since, there are some places that will prepare the ceremony without problems but in their own way. With its own colors, its style and aesthetics. In our particular case, in Bianca y Radiante we prepare the wedding to the taste of the couple, advising at all times but respecting their idea, so that it is a wedding to your liking.

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5.  Dress Code: Beach or traditional look:

This is one of the big questions that guests ask themselves when they receive an invitation to a beach wedding. Do I have to go with Ibiza look or not? and this is the same for the bride and groom themselves. In this case, we usually advise you to do what you really want, what makes you feel better, since there are no written rules. Yes, it’s a wedding on the beach, but a unique wedding after all. A special occasion, an event that you will remember all your life. Therefore, the best thing is for you to be the one to guide your guests in the style of the wedding, always bearing in mind that you should not force anyone to wear a look or another.

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And if you want us to help you get a unique and stylish wedding write us through contact.
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