A service thought and created from the beginning to the end. Design, decoration and organization of the entire event.

The perfect option for those couples who do not have the necessary time that a wedding requires, or for those who, for personal or work reasons, are outside the country. Whatever the reason, we take care to help them.

“And this does not mean you will not enjoy the previous ones. We will take care of keeping up with everything, every step we take. Because all the decisions will be yours. We only limit ourselves to facilitate the way.”


And at this point, it is only to organize ourselves so that everything goes perfect. We will coordinate all the providers according to an established plan.

You just have to let yourself go and enjoy every moment and moment with your loved ones and friends.

Remember that even if you do not see us, we will be there in the background until the end of the event, monitoring every detail and solving any unforeseen event that may occur.