BIANCA WEDDINGS is a team completely involved with the weddings of those who decide to trust us. We fled completely from the profile of commercial agents or mere wedding managers, since it is vital for us to contribute our added value to your big day, for us to help organize a wedding is not only to manage contracts by sending the different options by email.

For us it is essential to meet you, exchange opinions, give you our experience and vision about everything that a wedding entails, so that you feel supported and well advised. Because honestly, fleeing from phrases made, we try to help you in your wedding by putting the same love and commitment as if it were the wedding of a loved one.

And there is no greater satisfaction than “connecting” with couples, with many of whom endures a relationship of friendship after the wedding. If you are looking for people to trust for your big day, we sincerely believe that we can be what you are looking for, because the result will not be known until the wedding day but the effort along the way is guaranteed 100%.


And behind every organization is the most important thing, people. This fantastic group is guided, in the best possible way, by me. I introduce myself. I am Beatriz Anelo, founder and director of this agency.

Although my c.v. She says that I am a Graduate in Building, my true passion was always fashion. One day, and blessed day, I decided to change the construction for communication. I started from scratch and I studied hard. I specialized in Fashion and Beauty Communication at the CEU San Pablo University in Madrid, and sincerely, it has been one of the best professional decisions I’ve made in my life!

Then you will ask, and weddings?

My passion for weddings woke up during my years of work as an editor in the magazine TELVA. There I discovered the secrets of brides, the beauty of the wedding publishers, the great suppliers that make it possible, the artistic and the incredibly beautiful that is behind all this wedding world. I have managed and edited the section Wedding with Style of and for years I have been part of the group of collaborators of the special TELVA Novias. And who was going to tell me that, years later, some of my weddings were going to be published on

But to give a service like the one you deserve, I felt that not only was my experience enough, I had to train professionally. I trusted the prestigious Wedding Event Planner course in Madrid and I can proudly say that I have learned from the best professionals in the country’s bridal sector. Thank you so much everyone!

And now, I’m part of the people behind the curtain, helping make your dreams come true … and mine.

Despite having a great team I like to organize all our weddings. For this reason my philosophy is to make a small number of weddings, totally personalized and with constant attention. I think that only in this way can we offer a professional and close service. I also consider it essential to be able to have a certain feeling with my clients, so that we have common tastes that make us work comfortable.

Our social networks reflect our style and way of acting. So do not forget to stop by @bianca_weddings, we are waiting for you!



There is no provider to resist! Tireless, meticulous and very orderly worker. She is always willing to do everything (as long as she doesn’t play Cádiz CF at home, of course)


His energy is inexhaustible and his smile is contagious. Close and friendly above all else. He never gives up until he succeeds.


Different in every way. Independent if the situation requires it, but together we make a great team.