And at this point, it is only to organize ourselves so that everything goes perfect. We will coordinate all the providers according to an established plan.

You just have to let yourself go and enjoy every moment and moment with your loved ones and friends.

Remember that, even if you do not see us, we will be there in the background until the end of the event, monitoring every detail and solving any unforeseen event that may occur.


  • Initial interview with the couple.
  • Meeting with the couple prior to the wedding in order to plan and establish the lines of action.
  • Contact and coordination with all providers contracted by the couple.
  • Elaboration of timing of the wedding day.
  • Presence of the Bianca Weddings team on the wedding day.
  • Assembly of decorative elements contributed by the couple. We will take care of helping you in these assemblies, since these efforts are also usually carried out by relatives or you have to go to assemble them in the days leading up to the wedding. We will stay with you, you will explain to us how you want things and we will take care of everything (as long as they are not high-weight assemblies or with work at height).
  • Control of suppliers in situ according to established timing. We are in constant contact with them, we review the instructions given by the couple, we make sure that your instructions are followed (songs at important moments, photos that can not be missed, bouquet delivery, bus schedules, time control with catering … ).
  • Payment of suppliers if necessary. Many of the providers charge the day of the wedding and these efforts usually fall on a relative. In this way we free you from these efforts, to you and your relatives, so that you can focus on enjoying.