A service thought and created from the beginning to the end. Design, decoration and organization of the entire event.

The perfect option for those couples who do not have the necessary time that a wedding requires, or for those who, for personal or work reasons, are outside the country. Whatever the reason, we take care to help them.

“And this does not mean you will not enjoy the previous ones. We will take care of keeping up with everything, every step we take. Because all the decisions will be yours. We only limit ourselves to facilitate the way. “


  • Constant communication between Wedding Planner and the couple. With this service we are offering different types of providers according to your tastes and budget. We will look for available providers showing you the budgets, we manage the reserves, we remind you of the pending payments … we try to work in a climate of trust in which everything flows with a programmed dynamics.
  • Advice during the months leading up to the wedding. Because there are many unknown aspects of weddings, details that you did not have in mind, doubts about whether it is necessary or not to hire a service … we will help you to solve each doubt until you are calm.
  • Budget control: According to your needs we can calculate an estimated budget for the wedding expenses and, subsequently, we will search for the suppliers according to your budget. In this way we can control spending without surprises or shocks!
  • Marriage procedures: Whether you are married in the church or in civil marriage, we will advise you on the steps to take and we will help you to carry out all those that are in our hands.
  • Search for suppliers adapted to the tastes and needs of the couple: venue and ceremony, decoration, photography, video, hairdressing, makeup, wedding dress, wedding suit, DJ, musical groups, stationery, accommodation, buses, moon of honey…)
  • Negotiation with suppliers always trying to get the most benefit for the couple. The final budget of a wedding often depends on the knowledge of the different suppliers, or rather the price of them. We will show you the different suppliers that exist according to the price ranges, we will tell you what each one offers and it will be you who, with all the knowledge, will decide on what to invest your budget.
  • Stylism. This is one of our strengths, thanks to our experience and the constant monitoring of bridal fashion. We will try to advise, if you want, on what it takes, on different designers / as, accessories, accessories … We also usually work with the best professionals in hairdressing and makeup, so we know who can advise you in these matters so that all the styling keeps a perfect harmony.
  • Constant communication with suppliers, supervising their work for your peace of mind.
  • Meeting with each of the suppliers, supervision of their work and control of delivery times.
  • Solution of contingencies. We have the experience and a group of professionals delivered by your big day, with what we will put all our knowledge to go solving each one of the unforeseen that may arise.
  • Coordination of the wedding day, being present on the day of the wedding. With this coordination we complete all the months of preparations, making sure that everything goes as planned. In this way you can focus on enjoying with your loved ones of your day because, from experience I tell you, it happens very quickly so as to be worried in negotiations instead of having a great time.