L + J

Fairies of the bridal organization

We contacted Bianca after postponing our wedding twice, we had lost a bit of control, the Covid measures and we needed more than ever the help of this magnificent team. She was recommended to us by a friend who also had them and everything turned out great. We already had all the suppliers and we hired her advice on decoration and coordination on B-day. Since then we noticed that everything fell into place, that the team was as concerned as we were that everything would be perfect and it was perfectly wonderful. Day B was so perfect that we are still enjoying it, thanks to them everything went just as we wanted, in a timely manner. A team that was so aware of us, as well as the guests, suppliers and details that were important to us. It is exciting that all the guests mention to us how spectacular everything was. It has been a pleasure to meet the Bianca team (Beatriz, Ainhoa ​​and Julia) and a great luxury to have your advice in these difficult times, with the extra nerves that it entails; you made us tremendously happy. I would certainly count on you again, thank you very much! A big hug!

V + A

The perfect help for the most difficult moments

It has not been easy to organize our wedding, of course, in the midst of the uncertainty of these last months. The girls of Bianca Weddings have made everything possible and, moreover, that it went perfectly. Above all, we have felt accompanied to make the decisions that have been necessary. They have been watching us for many months, they have taken care to make every detail perfect and the result has been incredible. Thank you very much for all your effort, your understanding and your incredible taste and know-how.

S + D

Simply the best!What to say about Beatriz and her team! We knew we wanted a wedding planner when we started to organize the wedding, we had an idea of ​​what to expect … It would help us find places to celebrate the wedding and introduce us to different catering companies. What we did not expect is how essential it is to have a wedding planner, well, a wedding planner like Beatriz. We can never describe in words how deeply we would recommend Beatriz, it helped us a lot from the first hour, from the first call until our wedding ended. It is seen that weddings are his passion and he gives his everything to absolutely everything, no matter if he has to run to print things for the wedding at ten o’clock at night because the bride and groom did not decide between the designs. Beatriz has a lot of style, is very professional, works with suppliers of a lot of guarantee and puts an incredible attention to every detail. Beatriz is always available, attached to the phone, always gives good advice and knows how to match the wishes of the couple. From the florist to the stylist to the DJ everything Beatriz recommends is good and that gives you a lot of peace of mind. But even then, you never force yourself to use only suppliers that she recommends. It offers ideas and companies but also works perfectly with people that the couple already have in mind. Apart from having a tremendous taste it is very good with design themes and it was right with everyone to be a Mexican-style poster for our tequila corner or mark elegant sites for our ceremony. And it does everything with a completely excessive dedication to the cost of its service. Outside the professional framework Beatriz is a beautiful person. He knows how to take care of emotions, offers friendship and the tranquility that inspires in moments of stress is priceless. We will be eternally grateful to Beatriz for organizing the wedding of our dreams!


P + A

«The success of the wedding is thanks to you, to your help from the beginning !!!!! It has been a simple wedding but with a lot of details that have changed it into a wonderful holiday !!!!! Small proverb that summarizes that: «Les détails font perfection mais perfection n’est pas un détail!» You have been very professional and cool !!!!!! Thank you so much for having made this day, a unique day, the most beautiful day of our life!!!!!».

S + J

«Having Bea as a wedding planner was a total success, the level of commitment is incredible, attentive to everything, down to the smallest detail in both the preparations and the wedding day, as well as having an exquisite taste. It was a huge tranquility to have her next, I knew that everything was going to be good, the excellent treatment, I recommend it 100% «.

L + D

«We were very happy with the treatment received from the first moment by Bianca Weddings, she clarified many things to us, she advised us on many others and on the day of the wedding she could not be more aware that everything would be perfect. we recommend it. «

M + D

«Hiring Bianca Weddings was the best decision I made to organize our wedding, at first we did not have the idea of hiring an event organizer, when the date approached I spoke with Bea and from the beginning we connected. It is delivered 100%, decisive, the day of the wedding accompanied us until the last moment and we were calm because we were in very good hands, it was an unbeatable decision, do not hesitate to hire it, from the beginning it will work 100% and with all your help you will have the dream wedding «.

S + A

«We want to thank you for the good work, the attention, the patience, the thousands of messages at late hours, the last minute changes and the thousands of things that we can not write to you in a single message.
Thank you, thank you and thank you. «

A + E

«Without them it would have been a disaster, with them, especially with Ainhoa, it was perfect, we hired them with very little time and they beat up on catching up, going over everything quickly and pushing the whole organization.
Beatriz is a wonder that can answer any questions or get to do any management 24 hours a day. On the day of the wedding, they warned us of everything, they were aware of everything, of coordinating the suppliers, of attending to the people, of fulfilling times … They are simply an extension of you that day so that you can enjoy. They are charming and discreet. «

S + C

«Many thanks to Bianca Weddings for being my fairy godmother during the preparations for the wedding, without your help it would have been impossible for everything to go so well!»

M + O

«Impressive Beatriz’s dedication and patience, maximum professionalism.
He advises you on everything you need, gives you ideas, is always available to you. In addition, he has an exquisite kindness. «

V + A

«Thank you, Beatriz, for all the patience you have had with us and for all the dedication in being able to fulfill all our dreams, we hired her because she was the most flexible, having very clear what services we needed, since we wanted to have her exclusively for the decoration and preparation of the ceremony at the Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri hotel and for its quality / service it was unbeatable. Apart from this, we also needed it to be able to place all the things we had prepared by ourselves (this option was almost null with other weeding planners) throughout the hotel as decoration, gifts, candy bar table, corners … We had previously given you the materials and instructions on where to place and how to use it, almost everything was perfect as we wanted or needed. Thank you from the heart, because you were one of the most important parts of all the preparations for the wedding, without hesitation I would repeat with Bianca y Weddings. «

L + J

«We highly recommend the service of BW, they always advise and guide you according to your taste and style, friendly and close treatment, always ready to give solutions, invitations, waiters, guest distribution panel per table, everything that is the stationery, I would repeat with them «.

A + A

«The truth is that organizing such an important moment in the life of a couple and having a team with Bianca Weddings has been a success, they were able to perfectly capture what we needed for our wedding day, with great pleasure and with contributions. They could not have done it better! «