If you are thinking of getting married in Marbella and you don’t know how to organize your luxury wedding, you are in luck! From Bianca Weddings we will try to give you the information you need and that you must take into account so that your celebration goes perfectly. For this, you must take into consideration several points that we believe are essential, since otherwise you may organize your wedding in the wrong place … Here we go!

Without a doubt this is, along with the date, one of the most important points of your celebration. If you want to get married in summer, you must bear in mind that Marbella is a very popular place on those dates, so you should start preparing the wedding more than a year in advance. Otherwise you will have to carry out an intensive search for wedding venues and in this sense Marbella has incredible places and at the same time so exclusive that, if you do not have help, you will not know of their existence.

For this reason, the first thing we recommend is that you get in touch with specialists in the area so that you know all the real options you have. At Bianca Weddings we know the places of celebration in and around Marbella, exclusive villas, charming farmhouses, beach clubs … that is why we are at your disposal to help you with your search. In addition, each place has some peculiarities that make each wedding different.

Sea views / Beach club: If what you want is to get married in a beach club we will tell you that the ideal months are from June to September. In these places you can enjoy (and your guests) not only incredible views, on the beachfront, but also fantastic facilities: swimming pools, Michelin star restaurants, trendy pubs … You must bear in mind that not all clubs Beach have option B, so if the weather worsens at the last minute, resources may be limited.

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Villa: If your dream is to get married in a Villa you are in luck since Marbella is one of the places where there are more properties for rent for events. It should be borne in mind that if it is not far away, and it has “neighbors” in its vicinity, in that case it is very likely that you will have to hold the celebrations during daylight hours, since at night the law forces to cut the music to a certain time.

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Cortijo / Hacienda: In the Estepona-Marbella-Fuengirola area there are numerous cortijos / haciendas where you can celebrate your wedding. In addition, these places usually offer you an accommodation bonus for a reduced number of guests, with whom you can also have a great brunch the next day if you want. These are usually weddings with a more natural and rustic touch, where a natural environment predominates and, in many cases, with an Andalusian touch.

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Exclusive: If what you want is to celebrate a “Luxury Wedding” it is evident that Marbella is the ideal place. Here you can find various options to celebrate a designer wedding. Marbella Club or AnantaraVilla Padierna can be the ideal places to celebrate your big day surrounded by great luxury.

The issue of schedules is another of the most important points of a wedding. Many couples decide to get married in Spain since, normally, the “end of party” schedule is longer than in other countries. However, not everyone knows that if you decide to have your wedding in places where there is no indoor room, sometimes this possibility of extended hours is lost. Keep in mind that if you want to have a wedding until late at night you should go to places of celebration with soundproof rooms or to properties, style villas or farmhouses, that are away from “neighbors” who are disturbed with the music of the DJ .

Likewise, if what you want is that the party prevails without restrictions, we advise you to find out well about the allowed music hours in each place. And if it seems like a lot of work, you can always count on us to advise you!

And if we have commented that the place of celebrations is important, the catering has, in our opinion, the same or greater importance. There are many dream weddings, with everything taken from a story and then the food did not convince the guests. And it is already known that at weddings everyone always thinks, but good catering is the essence of a good wedding.

On this, everyone tends to resort to the advice of some acquaintances or the one who has the best photos on Instagram. But that is not really important, what is really important is the quality-aesthetic-price ratio, in which it is advisable to make it good in these three points. As you can imagine, in Marbella there are caterings of all kinds, high luxury, signature or traditional meals. Between them the price differences are sometimes abysmal. The choice is something very personal for the couple, in this matter we have worked with many of them and we try to advise from experience. We work with the best ones, Dani Garcia, Goyo, Alabardero…if you need help with this contact us!

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As you already know if you are organizing your wedding, the choice of providers is, normally, what brings more headaches to couples. A multitude of searches on the internet looking at photos, videos, web pages … and all added to the number of emails and calls to find out availability … And when you finally find the one you like, it turns out that it is not available. In the end you get to hire one and when you have already paid for the reservation … you discover that there was another there next to it that you now like better.

Who hasn’t this ever happened to? For the choice of suppliers it is essential to have carried out a broad study of the possibilities, and to unite that all those you have looked for fit with your budget. As you can see, you have a long job ahead of you, so you know, if you want to save hours of work and make sure you know all the possibilities, contact a Wedding Planner.

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And if all of the above was important… We think this point is the most important, since the budget is what will decide for you what kind of places and providers you will finally hire.

As you can imagine, in Marbella there are possibilities for all tastes and pockets, and the most expensive are not always the best. For this reason we usually work knowing the budget of the couple. With this we do a study and, according to the priorities of the couple and the importance they give to each service, we make an estimate of where and how they can invest the budget. Because at Bianca Weddings we have held many types of weddings, from the most exclusive to others in which we have had to tighten our belts. If you want help on how to invest the budget well, you know that we have the knowledge and experience to be able to advise you properly.

As you can see, organizing a wedding requires many steps, knowing well the different places and their conditions, suppliers, prices … many things that you can know for yourself with a little time. If you want to organize your wedding in Marbella, optimizing time and investment, get in touch with us. And if what you really want is to organize the wedding on your own, we hope you have some great preparations and may luck be with you!


From Bianca Weddings we want to wish you the best organization, but if you need professional help based on experience please contact our team!

We want to be part of your story!

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