The choice of the venue for a wedding is one of the first decisions that the couple must make. The Costa del Sol has exceptional places to celebrate a wedding, farms and villas in which the celebrations abroad are a sure hit. From Bianca Weddings we want to focus on the essentials to turn your villa into a dream place for your big day.
They are a great option in gardens because they also allow you to enjoy the landscape to be an open structure.

This type of tents so fashionable are ideal for outdoor events because they have a free form without structure, being able to adapt to all types of terrain and unevenness. Besides offering protection against water and sun, its versatility in the forms makes it really resistant against gusts of wind.

Council of the WP: “What I like most about these tents is their easy assembly, which is a good option in case you have to make a decision at the last minute”
Lighting is one of the fundamental aspects of any type of event, since the perception of spaces can vary completely. Thanks to good lighting we can take advantage of hidden corners, highlight the contours of gardens, mark roads and give a special touch to the place of the banquet.

Council of the WP: “A good option to embellish the place of the dance are the umbrella lights, which will give a more special and intimate touch. To give a touch of distinction and elegance to the tables the chandeliers go great and if you also incorporate low candles you will create a magical atmosphere. “

The tables, normally, are one of the most colorful elements of the celebration. Object of all eyes during the banquet since any detail, both positive and negative, will be appreciated by the guests.

Council of the WP: If you want to surprise your guests with a table according to your dream villa, take note:
“Play with tables, round or imperial. The imperial tables already existed long ago, but now they have become fashionable again, since they allow you to have all your guests together. Combine tables of different shapes and sizes and fill them with flowers. Because if there is a key element in decorating a table, that is flowers. From Bianca and Radiante WP & Events we recommend the use of seasonal flowers, as they will be according to the time of year when you celebrate the wedding. On the other hand, an elegant crockery, with a low plate always, and glassware of fine cut glass or with some color “.

The flowers are without a doubt the most used decorative element of a wedding since they manage to fill any corner with color. The decoration of the ceremony, whether civil or religious, wins a lot with a good floral decoration in white or colored tones, which will give a very romantic touch in a green environment.

Council of the WP: “You can also decorate the chairs with the same color of flowers or fill them with green, very much in line with the greenery style, especially at spring weddings”.
And as in any spectacular wedding that boasts not miss an elegant Chill Out space in which guests can relax and enjoy a pleasant conversation. You can not miss the large sofas, which together with poufs and low tables will make an elegant contrast.

Council of the WP: “To reinforce this space we can use tents or tents, which will make this place even more intimate. The type of space to choose will depend on the style of the wedding and the combination of the different elements. “

Photo: Foto Chechu, Ohemebodas
If you want to make your villa a dream place contact Bianca Weddings we know how to advise you to enhance the different spaces and recommend everything you need to not miss anything. In addition, we can help you with the design of invitations, choice of suppliers, decoration … Contact us by clicking on CONTACT.

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