María and Dani met thanks to a good friend in common. Of course, his was love at first sight … “That day he asked me for the phone and at 3 months he was already asking me to marry with a ring of keys”. Although the truth is that Dani only cost a couple of times, because the third, Maria said a resounding yes.

For her big day, Maria chose a wedding dress designed by her friend and played María de Oh que Luna. A simple model that felt great. The front had a discreet crossed neckline and behind, one more suggestive but at the same time very elegant. Although, from my point of view, the sleeves are the main protagonists of his look. Vaporous, somewhat flared, and with delicate embroidery of flowers to match those of the skirt of the dress. A design that went perfectly with the wedding style, with the place, and of course, with it.


As shoes, she chose some Fosco golden skin wedges, very comfortable, and like jewels, some pearl earrings you and me and a turquoise bracelet with a lot of meaning for her. “The bracelet is from my mother, we give it to her daughters when she married her husband, and when she gets married, my sister will take her too, we hope it becomes tradition”.

For her beauty look she trusted in the professionalism of The Beauty Spot for both makeup and hairstyle, and she was not wrong. María decided to wear her loose hair, “plus her”, with light surfer waves and an important wreath of flowers to match her bridal bouquet. A creation of Berrocal Florists.


The groom, on the other hand, wore the classic -but successful- dark morning coat and light vest, combined with a green necktie of skulls to match the socks of Scalpers.

The bride arrived at the ceremony in a Mercedes convertible SL600. Everything was developed in Trocadero Sotogrande, ceremony and celebration. A paradise of restoration by the sea that perfectly combines gastronomy, nature and elegance. A place that they know perfectly well since both work there. “Until I got to the place of the ceremony I had to cross a part of the restaurant and there I had one of the moments that I will not forget, because the waiters, who are friends and colleagues, began to shout” Long live the bride! That beautiful girlfriend! and things like that, and from the beginning I felt at home, “she confesses.


They did not have a religious ceremony, but a symbolic one that Maria’s best friend officiated. He walked the “path to the altar” on his father’s arm with the song Catch & Release remix and the exit, on Dani’s arm, with High way to Hell the ACDC.

The ceremony, very emotional, with laughter and the occasional lagrimilla. One of the highlights, for example, is when Maria’s best friend asked them months before they wrote a letter addressed to the other and sent it to her. On the day of the wedding, he gave them a box of wine where there was a bottle with two glasses and the two letters. They tied her together with a tie with the condition-and promise-that they would only open it on a special occasion, whether it was for something good or to solve some pothole. A detail without doubt, different and special for them.


the bride and groom tell us, the opinion that is coming to them from their day is that people did not feel that they were at a wedding, but at a party, from the beginning they were all relaxed, taking their beers … when the bride arrived People even toasted.
“That was just what we wanted, that we all felt absolutely relaxed”

Each and every one of these moments of this beautiful day were immortalized by Claudia Arcal Fotografía, Carlos Vela Foto and Adrián Santana Video. Thanks to them Maria and Dani can relive their great day as many times as they want.
From Bianca y Radiante, great work guys and of course, congratulations couple!

In Bianca y Radiante we are lovers of weddings with style and good taste, we do not imagine weddings in another way. If you are thinking of celebrating your wedding in Sotogrande do not hesitate and contact us without obligation, we will help you to get the wedding you want!
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